Psych 321
Development across the Lifespan


Assignments will be updated throughout the semester.

Check back frequently.

Data Recording Experience Self
  • Block out a two hour period
  • Read Chapter 1
    • Record this data:
    • Page reached at end of 2 hours
    • Interruptions
      • Internal
      • External

Data Recording Experience Other
Find a place you can observe a Human

Watch them and write down
  - Each behavior they emit
  - The time
   - The behavior
NOTE: Only write down what you can SEE not what you think they are thinking or what you think they are doing.
Just what you can see them do.

Watch and record for 15 minutes

Do not "get caught." If you you do it will change their behavior.
Don't watch a child - you'll get caught. Don't watch your SigO - negative consequences If you DO get caught after 5 minutes or less find another person. If you get caught after 10 minutes I'll take that.

After completed the Observation:
   - Write down the setting - where the observation took place.
Write down any insights or conclusions.

Myths of Human Genetics
What textbooks (yes your textbook), lab manuals, and web pages say about these human traits is mostly wrong. Most of the common, visible human traits that are used in classrooms do NOT have a simple one-locus, two-allele, dominant vs. recessive method of inheritance.
PopSci article version
Required Reading [C2]
Neonate Development
This site is SO much better than our textbook. I won't test on it specifically, but please read it. It's very well done. [C3]

Uh-oh it's stolen!
It's lifted from Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development by Brian Hopkins. Reformatted for easier reading on the web.
Quiz 1 Version a
Quiz 1 Version b
5 students failed to put the quiz version on scantron sheet.
1 person did not use a pencil.
Mean        7.41
STD          1.25
As              5
Bs              6
Cs            10
Other        6

Quiz 2 & 3 Version a
Quiz 2 & 3 Version b
1 student failed to put quiz
version on scantron sheet.
0 persons did not use a pencil
Good job.
Mean      8.38
STD        1.36
As        14
Bs           3
Cs           7
Other     1
Total    25
Improved  15
Same             6

I'm impressed!
Extra Credit - Observation of Self
Now that you have feedback, you may make corrections and resubmit.
1. Ensure you use suggested format
2. Ensure you attribute event to
      Internal or External
3. Ensure you provide a conclusion.
What did you learn from the experience?
Read this research paper
Does the Autistic Child have a Theory of Mind?
In class quiz Tuesday Oct 8

Write 2 page research/opinion paper. See last slide in Chapter 10 lecture

Quiz Chapter 4 & 5 version a
Version b questions just rearranged

Quiz Chapter 6 & 7 - no quiz

Quiz Chapter 8
All submitted scantrons OK
Class is bifurcating. 3/4 class A,
No Bs, 1/4 C or below
As 15
Bs 0
Cs 3
other 3
Quiz Chapter 9

Quiz Chapter 10 - no quiz

Quiz Make Up for up to 80% credit
For the chapter(s) you missed make up a 20 question quiz. T/F & multiple guess (50%+) & matching.
Each question must also have a one sentence explanation of why the question is important to the course.
Participation Survey Request
For extra credit
Down load this Excel spreadsheet
Rate each listed profession according to their status.
Use a rating scale of 1 to 100
With 100 being highest status.
Email it to me by 6 PM Monday.
If you don't have Excel click here.
Then email me the info as a text file.
Recommended Video
Here is a video which demonstrates SOTA teaching. It provides insight into the statistical problem I mentioned on Nov 26 where "averages" mislead. It is also relevant to Developmental Psych.
     Exam #2 Scantron report      
Grade    Percent Score    Raw Score    Frequency
A    90.00 - 100.00    45.00 - 50.00    1
B    80.00 - 89.99    40.00 - 44.99       9
C    70.00 - 79.99    35.00 - 39.99       9
D    60.00 - 69.99    30.00 - 34.99       4
F    0.00 - 59.99    0.00 - 29.99            1
Does not include direct ans portion
Which moved a couple of grades up.
Quiz 9 Chapter 15 & 16
All submitted scantrons OK
Those who missed this quiz, remember a make up method is available see above.
Mean 6.71
Sigma  1.65
Mean + 1 Sigma 8.36
D2L Setup  for class
 - Check your D2L
 - Ensure item structure OK
 - Grades
will be entered Sunday PM
 - Check grades to catch any errors
You're responsible for all missed grades (0s).  See me after class.

Missed Quizzes can be made up (see above). You can turn in observations late for partial credit. Some of you MUST do this for a decent grade!
So check for missing work!
As of 8:30PM Sunday all grade data is entered including the chapt 15/16 quiz and Exam #2

Now that the database is populated I can see that something isn't setup correctly.  Subtotals may be incorrect.

If you find errors, let me know after class. If you have a zero for something you did, please bring me the graded paper/scantron sheet.
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Quiz 1 Version a
Quiz 1 Version b
Quiz 2 & 3 Version a
Quiz 2 & 3 Version b
Quiz Chapter 4 & 5 version a
Quiz Chapter 6 & 7 - no quiz
Quiz Chapter 8
Quiz Chapter 9
Quiz Chapter 10 - no quiz
Quiz Chapter 11 - no quiz
Quiz Chapter 12
Quiz Chapter 13 & 14
Quiz Chapter 15 & 16
Quiz Chapter 17
Quiz Chapter 18 & 19 - no quiz