Psych 321
Development across the Lifespan

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Free PowerPoint Viewer
This free viewer will allow you to review the PowerPoint Lecture slides. It will also support printing the lectures.
I recommend you print them in black & white, 2 or 4 slides per page. Then, use the print outs for note taking in class.

Intro to Psychology
This PowerPoint lecture provides an over view of Psychology and describes the Scientific Method as it relates to the study of Psychology.
Useful as refresher for students who took Intro to Psych a few years ago.

Researchers Expose Troubling Bias In Forensic Psychology
Court psychologists interpret evidence differently depending on who they think hired them.

A modern example of unconscious bias that I mentioned in the first lecture. [C1]
Y and mtDNA are not Adam and Eve
A rather fun read about the popular notion that "scientists" have identified Adam & Eve - genetically at least. [C2]
Genome Size, Complexity, and the C-Value Paradox
For those interested in the relationship between "complexity" and genes. [C2]
The Visible Embryo
The Visible Embryo is a visual guide through fetal development from fertilization through pregnancy to birth. [C2]
Myths of Human Genetics
What textbooks (yes your textbook), lab manuals, and web pages say about these human traits is mostly wrong. Most of the common, visible human traits that are used in classrooms do NOT have a simple one-locus, two-allele, dominant vs. recessive method of inheritance.
PopSci article version
Required Reading [C2]
Neonate Development
This site is SO much better than our textbook. I won't test on it specifically, but please read it. It's very well done. [C3]

Uh-oh it's stolen from the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development by Brian Hopkins.

If humans and Chimps are supposedly genetically so similar why are we so different? Here's why.
Abuse, lack of parental warmth in childhood linked to multiple health risks in adulthood.
The effects of childhood abuse and lack of parental affection can last a lifetime, taking a toll both emotionally and physically.
New model of how brain functions are organized may revolutionize stroke rehab
More Lateralization research.
Brain Lateralization - Logical Left vs Creative Right  Not so fast! It's more complicated than that (Duh!)
Required Reading [C7]
8 glasses a day? Really?
Sweat a lot?
or original here
A study in mice suggests that folic acid deficiency triggers developmental defects, not just in their offspring but also in the following generations!
New research reveals that oxytocin could make us more accepting of others.
Humans as Runners Goat owner tires of cheetahs killing his animals.  Recruits 'local boys' then chases down the cheetahs and capture them.
Excellent youtube video submitted by Joe Fette on Changing Education Paradigms. Goes to the heart of our discussion a couple lectures back