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Semester Participatory Assignment

   Operant Conditioning
Classical Conditioning
Observe & Participate in 3rd party Training
Act as a Subject in a Psychological Research Project
Use yourself as both Experimenter and Subject 
       in a study on Perception (See me)
Other - Permission of the Instructor (See me)
Absolutely the Last, Least Preferred Alternative

Psychology Department
Class Report Guide & Example

    Semester Report Style Guide
    Basic Psychology Report Writing
    My Example of a report
    Example Report #1 (.doc file)
    Example Report #2 (.doc file)
    Minimum expected Size: CLARIFIED
             page 1 Title page
             page 2 Abstract
             page 3 Start Body of report per outline
             page n+1 Bibliography
            "n" should be a minimum of five (5) pages
             including photos (max 3" high), double spaced
             12 point font (max)
             That's a total of 9 pages!

General References and Examples

   APA Style Guides
                Capital Community College Guide
                Experiment Report Format
                APA Research Style Crib Sheet
                         A Hypertext Writing Guide


 This site contains information on assignments for
Psych 101
 Spring Semester 03

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