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  Available Lectures
Introduction Lecture & Grading
    Chapter 1: Class "a" & Class "b"
   Chapter 2: Class "a" & Class "b"
   Chapter 3: Class "a" & Class "b"
       More on hearing theories
   Chapter 4: Class "a" & Class "b"  
More on Melatonin
         Another view of the Sleep/Wake cycle

   Chapter 5: Class "a" & Class "b"
   Chapter 7: Class "a" & Class "b"
Additive Strategy Excel Template
   Chapter 8: Class "a" & Class "b"
   Chapter 9: Class "a" & Class "b"
   Chapter 10: Class "a" & Class "b"
               Depression and the adolescent - new research
   Chapter 11: Class "a" & Class "b"
            Absolute Science Science Podcast#7
                    Why belly fat is especially bad
               Absolute Science Science Podcast #12
                    Could obesity be caused by a virus?

   Chapter 13: Class "a" & Class "b"
Stress caused by work is BAD!
   Chapter 14: Class "a" & Class "b" - Study Guide Only


  Additional Lectures
None at this time

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  Background Sources for Lectures

  Chapter 1: Class "a" & Class "b" [See Slides]
  Chapter 2: Class "a" & Class "b" [See Slides]
  Chapter 3: Class "a" & Class "b" [See Slides]
  Chapter 4: Class "a" & Class "b" & Class "c" [See Slides]
  Chapter 5: Class "a" & Class "b" [See Slides]
       Behavioral Perspective
  Chapter 7: Class "a" & Class "b" [None]
  Chapter 8: Class "a" & Class "b" [None]
  Chapter 9: Class "a" & Class "b" [None]
  Chapter 10: Class "a" & Class "b" [None]

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