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Current and Planned Products

Dodge Neon (Gen I) Engined Frame Kit

Our Gen I Neon frame comes with: 

bulletTacked frame w/ Gen I Neon adaptor kit (two versions)
bulletGrade 8 bolts & nuts, washers & lock washers, reinforcing tubes
bulletInstruction Manual

bulletFront suspension (Brazilian new manufacture) 
bulletMounted front suspension (Brazilian new manufacture) 
bulletFront brakes and rotors with brake equalizer
bulletPre-assembled electrical extension w/ 2 connector strips
bulletFinished welding (Must be shipped Motor Freight)
bulletPower steering hoses (for stock Neon unit)
bulletSeat mounts (2 pair for Neon front seats)
bulletFloor (special order - requires additional time)
bulletGusset Kit

Future Options

bulletFront coil over shocks
bulletMounts for Neon steering rack
bulletRear steering bar & bracket
bulletBrake peddle mount w/ master cylinder mount
bulletThrottle peddle mount
bulletThrottle cable extender
bulletBrake line & mounting hardware
bulletAutomatic transmission cable extender
bulletElectrical connectors (2 M & 2 F)
Dodge Neon (Gen II) Engined Frame Kit [ Available Fall 2008 ]

Our Gen II Neon frame is the same as our Gen I frame except:

bulletThe adaptor bracket is for a Gen II donor vehicle
bulletInstructions are for a Gen II donor

Chevrolet Engined Frame 


A frame using a Caviler or Malibu donor is being designed.

Custom Application Engined Frame Kit 

Our Custom Application Kit comes with our standard MEKK Frame, custom adaptors, and instructions. Options include the same ones available for our Gen I Neon version. We also offer two alternatives to a custom designed Frame Adaptor:  materials for adapting a wide variety of FWD vehicles to our basic frame and the basic MEKK Frame with no adaptor or materials. Customer is responsible for final cutting and welding of the Frame Adaptor.

Honda Civic (1995-  ) Engined Frame 

A frame that uses a Honda Civic donor is on our development list. If enough folks are interested in a Honda version, we'll bump it up in our schedule.

Motorcycle Engined Frame

Our standard frame designed to use a motorcycle as the rear wheel, rear suspension,
and power. This concept allows a very lightweight, yet strong, three wheeler. Much better
handling than a trike. You get two front wheels to steer, a familiar steering wheel, side by side car seating, superior braking, and a low center of gravity. 

With your custom body you have weather protection.
Use a water cooled motorcycle and you can have heat and defrost.
Buy a wrecked bike - Front fork damage is common, hard to fix, and you don't care.
                                   - Dings and scratches can be hidden by your body
                                   - Bad gas tanks are easy to replace with a kewl spun aluminum dragster tank.
                                   - And, they're inexpensive

Here's an example bike from our local salvage yard: (It's a bit small, we'd recommend a 500cc+) 
Miles: 473 - practically brand new!
Price: $1,650 - Build your car on a budget!
Options: 07 KAWASAKI NINJA 250, FRONT END DAMAGE (Typical bike damage)

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