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bulletMEKK News & Scheduled Events
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MEKK News & Scheduled Events

bullet17 May 2008 -- Prototype donor disassembly start
bullet28 June 2008 -- Prototype roller compete
bullet12 - 14 July 08 -- Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals
bullet26 July 2008 -- DSU Scholarship Car Show, Madison, SD
bullet27 July 2008 -- Canton Car show
bulletAugust 2008 -- Employee Vacation - MEKK folks scatter for summer fun!
bulletSeptember 2008 -- Fall car show schedule starts
Show car build begins on production frame w/ Bradley GT II body
Roller upgraded to running/drivable chassis



Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Survey page added
We're using a third party, ad supported, survey module.
The results are now immediately available. 
Take the latest survey now!
New Products In-Development
Our designers have added new concepts to our list of pursuits - Motorcycle power!
eBay kit cars for sale featured
We search eBay every week and feature kit cars suitable for KEKK frames 
News page added
We've added a weekly kit cars in the news page.

Product Additions
Gusset Kit now available for racing, off road use, and high HP applications

Pricing Announced  
Fully tacked frame & Instruction Manual $1895* + motor freight
          Partially tacked frame & Instruction Manual $1795* + UPS
Order one today!

Other Web Site Design Changes

     Frames are ready for sale. 
            We think you'll appreciate the wait.
            Over 20 modifications have been made to the original design.
            Some of these changes improve manufacturability - think less expensive.
            Some of these changes improve quality - the new suspension brackets are "BOSS"
        There are now two shipping options.
            Truck Freight for fully tacked frames
             UPS for two package partially tacked frames              

Development Page [Jump there!]
March: Jig is ready to produce frames. Donor search begins. 
May: Added information about our salvage yard adventures with photos of a couple of recent purchases
    We've added a Books section [Jump there!]
        Here you can find books from Amazon about chassis and suspension mods.
        There's a section for both Street Rod and VW front suspensions.
        If you've read a book you think fellow enthusiasts would enjoy,
        let us know & we'll post it (and your review) in the books section.
    See the new poll on our Industry News page [Jump there!]
Vote on the current contents
    Industry news compiled from RSS feeds
See our RSS News page
    MEKK Establishes Internet Presence
    See the press release for more details.
    Sample Product Announcement
    See the product data sheet for more details.



Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the past year. You may want to search for topics by keyword.

Main Press Release Page

Latest Press Releases:

bullet13 October 06 -- MEKK Establishes Web Presence
bullet07 July 07-- MEKK Purchases Additional Domain Names
bullet16 October 2007 -- MEKK Announces Pricing
bullet01 November 07 -- MEKK Employee starts DIY Blog
bullet03 December 07-- MEKK establishes PayPal business account
bullet01 January 2008 -- MEKK Employee puts MEKK on his eBay "About Me" page
bullet05 January 2008 -- MEKK featured on Kit Car Links



Recent Media Coverage of MEKK & Kit Car Industry

We've established a news page based on industry RSS news feeds to bring you the latest info on kit cars in general and our products in particular. You can also find Links to other kit car resources and recommended vendors.

We'll also publish items of special interest here. 

bulletRSS based Kit Car Industry News [Our compilation from RSS feeds related to Kit Cars]
bulletGoogle's Latest Kit Car News [Takes you to Google's News Site]
bulletMEKK featured on Kit Car Links [Takes you to the Kit Car Links site]
bulletSee our Books page for recommended reading from Amazon.

* Steel prices go up every day. These prices plus cost increase of raw materials!

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