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Gen 1 Neon VW Suspension
(Vehicle adaptor brackets not shown.)

MEKK Gen I Neon Frame Kit

MEKK's Gen I Neon frame allows a 1995 to 1999 Dodge or Plymouth Neon
to be used as a donor vehicle to power a full length VW based kit car. The Gen I Neon
frame kit comes with a strong 2x3 inch rectangular steel frame, adaptor brackets
for a Gen I Neon front clip, grade 8 bolts and nuts for suspension brackets, and an excellent instruction/assembly manual.

Our current offerings are for donor vehicles with automatic transmissions. Why?
Because the cable shifter used in the Neon has issues even with stock length cables.
We've had shifting problems when extending these cables the additional four feet
needed in a full length vehicle. We haven't given up, but we don't want to sell you a
problem. So, for now, we're offering auto only kits. 

Note: Adaptor brackets must be welded on the donor. Donor manufacturing variations, crash damage, and road tweaks make each donor slightly different. To ensure proper fit, you must weld the adaptor brackets after assembly on the donor.

Optional parts include:

Front disk brake kit
    Rotors and bearings to fit our stock VW suspension 
    Brake balancer
    Rotor stud patterned to fit stock Neon wheels (Spacer Available)

Front suspension
    This is a Brazilian made, adjustable, VW suspension. These come without
steering boxes because we recommend you use the donor rack and pinion unit.
The Neon rack and pinion unit is much stronger, has no kick back, and has
an appropriate steering ratio for a street car. It also bolts up to the Neon
collapsible steering column (of course!) providing you additional crash safety.     

Ribbed floor panels with cross support bar. Many builders will choose to use the
donor's floor panels. These panels can be welded or bolted to the frame. Welding 
is recommended. [Out of stock as of 8/15/07]

Seat Mounts
    These seat mounts are recycled Neon seat mounts. Most builders will use the 
donor's seat mounts (tracks). But if yours are damaged or missing we can supply 
them. We buy them locally, sand blast them, prime them with Dupont antirust primer 
and enamel them gloss black. You can do the same for less, depending on the supply
at your local salvage yard.

High Performance/Racing/Off Road Gusset Kit
    This kit provides four reinforcement gussets. These gussets are welded to the frame/adaptor joint to increase strength in this critical area. This is extra insurance for sever duty applications. This kit also includes instructions and suggestions for customer supplied additional reinforcements. If you're planning on HP above 155 this kit is for you! [Note: No warrantee is implied or intended for off road or racing applications.]

Power Steering Hoses
    Even if you use the donor's power rack and pinion unit, the stock hoses are several 
feet too short. You can get hydraulic hoses at your farm supply store or roll your own 
using bulk tubing (the correct fitting can be difficult to find). Using the proper hose type 
is required for safe operation so don't try to go cheap here. Or, you can buy the 
complete, correct length hoses with the proper fittings from us. 
[Two week shipping delay as of 8/15/07]

Special Width Front Suspension
    Most kit cars use the stock VW width. Some use radical offset wheels to widen the 
track width. This isn't a good idea as it destroys the stock bearings pretty quickly. 
Handling may be better than stock but it isn't as good as it should be. Wheel offset 
should match bearing design. Our standard suspension provides the standard VW 
track width using standard FWD wheels (matching the donor). Our bearings are 
designed for this wheel offset. If you need a different track width or want to use wheels 
with a different offset please contact us. You will also need to replace the donor vehicle 
wheels and possibly the bearing assembly. This ain't necessarily easy!

Key Benefits

bulletReplaces old VW pan and weak front suspension mount
bulletVery strong, great for daily driver, no flex, good roll bar mount
bulletAllows installation of modern FWD engine and suspension in mid-engine config.
bulletFits a variety of easily modifiable, existing, fiberglass bodies
(Sold by other manufacturers. We resell their units only in our turnkey vehicles.)
bulletComes with a great illustrated instruction/assembly manual
bulletProvides excellent handling, braking, and performance

Pricing / Builder's Cost

Description SKU # Price
Complete MEKK frame, Gen 1 Adaptor,
suspension, wiring extension, assembly kit, 
disk brakes, power steering hoses, and instruction/assembly manual
sku-G1N1 TBD
Front disk Brakes (fits our suspension) sku-G1N2 TBD
Frame & Gen1 Neon Adaptor kit Only - Fully Tacked
Includes grade 8 bolts & Manual Order Now!
sku-G1N3 $1895*
Frame & Gen 1 Neon Adaptor kit Only - Partially Tacked
Includes grade 8 bolts & Manual Order Now!
sku-G1N3pt $1795**
Frame Fully Tacked, Gen 1 Neon adaptor kit,
& front suspension assembled to frame
sku-G1-3S $2295*
Frame Partially Tacked Gen 1 Neon adaptor kit,
& front Suspension not assembled to frame
sku-G1-3ptS $2195**
Finished Welding (not including adaptor welding) sku-G1N4 call/email
Floor (Special Order) sku-G1N5 call/email
Seat Mounts - pair for 2 seats
(Fits Neon Front Seats)
sku-G1N5 $75
Power Steering hoses
(Replaces Stock Neon hoses)
sku-G1N7 TBD
Special width front suspension sku-G1N8 call/email
Gusset Kit (includes instructions) sku-G1N-GK $150**
Wiring Extension Kit w/ instructions
(included in complete frame kit)
sku-G1N-W $75

*   Requires Motor Freight Shipping to commercial address/dock - residential delivery extra.
**  UPS (best for home delivery) Requires additional welding.

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