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Completely Welded Frame

We recommend you contract with a local welder to finish weld your frame. Of course, if you're sufficiently competent at welding a vehicle frame then you may decide to do it yourself. In either case, you should ensure that the frame fits your vehicle before final welding. Even never damaged cars vary in bolt location and shape. Older cars may have crash repairs or just "settling" due to age. The best approach is to perform final welding after the frame is attached to your donor. Then you know for sure that everything fits and will track straight.


Assembly Classes

We're planning on holding classes for frame buyers a couple of times a year. We'll walk you through the steps necessary to go from the tacked frame, through donor prep, to frame assembly. The price will be right and we'll bet you'll enjoy our South Dakota culture!


Custom Assembly

If there is sufficient demand, we may offer one-on-one assembly for individual builders or even turn key vehicles. However, we expect that most buyers want the fun and challenge of doing it themselves. So, this service idea is on the back burner.

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