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MEKK Frame Adaptors for Custom Applications

 We can design and fabricate Custom Frame Adaptors for your donor vehicle.

Designing and fabricating Frame Adaptors is not an inexpensive process. If you have what you think is the perfect FWD donor and you don't want to fabricate the frame and adapters yourself, we can do it for you. Because the process is expensive we've found a way to help you with the expense. You pay the upfront costs. Then, we'll share revenue with you on the next 10 frames. WE won't make as much money and YOU won't spend so much. 

Why would we do this? We get a new frame design to sell. If the donor is popular, we make money over the long haul. If the donor is popular, you get money back while you finish your car. If the donor isn't popular, you wind up paying for a truly one-off frame. We break even on the design and manufacture.

Win - win? We're trying! Yes, it is possible for both parties to win. Most folks think that a win-win outcome is some kind of a trick. But, this is really the way the world should work!

Send us an email for an estimate. Please put "Custom Frame" in the subject so your email will automatically get routed to our design folks. Email to

We also have a couple of alternatives to our Custom Frame Adaptor.

  1. We will sell you our basic MEKK Frame with enough steel tubing for you to fabricate your own Frame Adaptor (adequate for most FWD vehicles).
  2. We will sell you our basic MEKK Frame with NO adaptor or extra material.

Remember, these MEKK Frames and Custom Frame Adaptors take our upgrades and options. See our Gen I Neon Products page for the list.

Key Benefits

bulletCustomer selected donor vehicle
bulletInstructions for assembling the custom Frame Adaptor
bulletRugged, proven MEKK Frame with standard VW dimensions


Description SKU # Price
Basic MEKK Frame &
Custom Adaptor
sku-CA0 email
Basic MEKK Frame &
materials for frame adaptor
sku-CA1 email
Basic tacked MEKK Frame only
NO Frame Adaptor
sku-CA2 email
Fully weld Frame 
(In addition to base price)
sku-WF0 email
See additional Options N/A N/A

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