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DIY Blog started by MEKK employee

"MEKK Man" tells all!

November 01, 2007 -- 

A new blog has been created by one of our design guys. "MEKK Man" is going to explain each step in building a kit car. He started with a post about the blog. Next will come postings about building a frame (suspiciously like our kit car frame using a Neon Donor). He'll explain how to build a jig to ensure the frame is straight. (We have over 200 hours just in construction of our frame jig - but it's intended for production.) Then he'll describe step-by-step using the frame to build a kit car using a mid 1970's fiberglass body. There are lots of old kit cars and orphan bodies just waiting for new running gear. 

Save a kit car today! Buy one of our frames, follow MEKK Man's Blog, and build the car of your dreams!

Read MEKK Man's kitcarspot on today. 
Check back weekly for his updates.

MEKK Man's kitcarspot Blog sponsored by MEKK Autoworks, Inc.

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