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You work with developmentally disabled people. It can be stressful, frustrating, and physically demanding. It can also be entertaining, rewarding and inspiring. No one can understand your day unless they too have worked in this challenging field. DDStaff.com is your place for learning, sharing, and being heard. 

DDStaff.com provides an opportunity for you to share your lessons learned, your wonderful stories, and even your frustrations. It is also the place to ask questions and get advice from co-workers and experts all across the country.

Over the next few months this website will increase in value as care providers - Staff - like you drop by for a friendly chat,  to contribute, and to keep the faith that what you are doing really matters. Our founders have worked with DD adults for over 20 years. We know how helpful it can be to talk with someone who understands your job and how hard it can be to get up some mornings.

Join us as we start a project to care for those who care.

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