Privacy Statement

This web site collects NO personal information.

However, information may be collected by the web hosting company. This may consist of user's IP address, time of day, pages visited, dwell time on pages, and possibly other so called transaction information.

Click-throughs of advertisers will be recorded by the advertiser. Any transaction data on the advertiser's site is the responsibility of that advertiser.

Terms entered into the search tool are recorded by the search tool provider and a compilation of these terms are sent to the site owner. The site owner uses these terms to enhance the website and to enhance related class materials. No relationship between users and search terms is created.


Law enforcement agency requests for information about users of this site

  1. No user information is recorded so none can be provided.

  2. All requests for information will be vigorously resisted, limited only by the the financial resources of the site owner.

  3. Requesters will be informed that any information, were it retrievable by gathering information from the service provider, is privileged information under various state and federal education information privacy laws.

  4. Commensurate with current law, an energetic attempt will be made to post on the main page of the site the date, agency, and type of information requested.

We take seriously individual privacy rights.