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MEKKTEch uses 3D printing manufacturing to create inexpensive, custom designed specialty products. Our Longarm Quilting Foot was designed for Sew*Storm Quilt Shop’s Handi Quilter Fusion to address both the cost and shortcomings of available replacements. We started with known problems of existing metal and plastic parts. Especially vexing are the problems of weak mounting to the presser bar and needle strikes. Also of concern was fabric bunching. We used iterative design to make and test several versions. We’re confident that our presser foot won’t crack around the holding screw (unless it is severely over tightened). Needle strikes are eliminated because our foot holds alignment and won’t twist or bend. The needle hole in our foot is larger, which contributes to both better needle visibility and fewer needle strikes.

Advantages of a MEKKTech presser foot include:

Made from food grade materials – no concern for toxic contamination of quilts

Much stronger cylindrical attachment – no wobble or breakage

Through mounting hole - allows use of a longer attachment screw and lock nut (included)

Larger needle hole – improved visibility and fewer needle strikes

Carefully designed curves – prevents fabric drag and bunching

Real world testing – you can be confident it just works

Made in the USA

Available in off white.

Custom colors are available for a small upcharge.
We can designs versions for different machines.
Even stronger materials may be available for special applications


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