Discount Frames

We have a few frames that were left outside by our FORMER contract manufacturer. These frames have surface rust. Some are tacked and one is completely welded. They are sold with no warrantee and come without an instruction manual. They do come with fresh grade eight bolts and nuts. We'll also provide photos of the attachment points as used by the roller prototype.

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We also have a couple of Bradley GT bodies that could go the the right buyer at the right price. Delivery available in IA, MN, SD and Nebraska.

Our storage area is rather messy...


Fiberglass Bradley GT   Plastic Bradley GT

Left body is white gelcoated fiberglass. This body has never been completely assembled or mounted on a frame. There are no badges. There are no door hinges or latches. This body might be for sale separately or with a VW pan. We have one VW pan with front and rear suspension but the suspension requires refurbishment. The brake lines were cut by the salvage yard as a liability precaution. we also have a rebuildable VW bus engine and tranny. No shift mechanism in the pan.

The right body is red metalflake plastic that has been painted white by some idiot. This one our owner would like to keep because it has the original instruments and console. It it the more "collectable" of the two. It's from a factory built vehicle that a teenager took off the original Covair powered chassis to make a dune buggy. It has the original fiberglass seats and all original interior trim. One seat is broken and, frankly, we wouldn't use the original seats as they are fragile. The factory door hinges are broken and awfully under designed. The drivers door latch has pulled out of the body.

Glass and glass gaskets for these bodies are not available from us. The plastic body has rear side glass and glass in the door. However the glass in one door is broken. The fiberglas body has no glass.

If you're interested in any of the above please send an email to: Put "Rusty" in the subject.
Remember these frames, with instruction manual, sell for almost 2 grand newly built.